VirtuaGirl Scenes

Scenes for VirtuaGirlHD's new fullscreen mode. Click on the link to download .zip files.

As a personal note, I have no issues with people using my scenes as a basis for their own scenes, but if you use any of my elements, ie .png's or .jpgs and plan to share them please give credit as these are all created by me.

Scenes V6: Various single and multiple scenes by Zebrazuk, no more than 4 shows active at the same time. Should be safe for lower end machines.Updated July 1, 2014

Scenes High V2: Various high show count scenes. From 6 to 15 shows active at the same time. High end machines only.With an Intel i5-4670, 8 gig of RAM and an nVidia GTX 750Ti with 2gig of video RAM, 15 is as much as it can handle and will on occation crash when starting. You have been warned. Updated July 1, 2014

I've split my 4K stuff into 2 sections for those that can't effectivly run shaders. You should delete my old 4k scenes folder for housekeeping purposes before copying in these new ones.

Scenes 4K V3: 2D camera based scenes created to run on my UHD monitor but don't require it, they will scale to whatever resolution you run at. Up to 6 shows at the same time with image based backdrops. These scenes are fairly low load and should run on most machines. New/updated Jan 1, 2015

Scenes 4K Shaders V2: 2D camera based scenes created to run on my UHD monitor. Up to 6 shows at the same time with various shaders which can be brutal on GPU's. There are multiple extra shaders I got from that I edited to work with VG inside the Shaders folder. You can modify the scenes to change the shaders they use, some are pretty trippy. I suggest high end machines only. I currently run an Intel i7-4790, 16 gig of RAM and an nVidia GTX 970 with 4gig of video RAM to a 3840x2160 montor and some of the shaders bring it to it's knees in UHD. I suspect runnning at 1920x1080 would substatially lessen the demand. Your results may vary, you have been warned. New/updated Jan 4, 2015

Customized Scenes with the Paris Penthouse Club Images for Version 1.2.04 and higher provided by Starryk. No default images or scenes will be overwritten

Paris Penthouse Club + Additional Scenes: This download zip contains all files needed for the additional scenes in a new folder. Size:14 MB Updated May 10, 2014

Paris Penthouse Club Additional Scenes Only: This download zip will add the additional scenes into the default folder. It uses default images that are NOT included. Size:3 MB Updated May 10, 2014


ET Scenes02: Scene by EverthangForever, hosted at his request. Added May 13, 2014


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